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Samba server is used fo sharing file and folder and directories over the network ,whether sharing between windows to Linux or vice versa,same case with the ftp but

1)ftp can provide anonymous access to the clients,that means,there is no need to have users account on ftp server

2)files first need to be downloaded from windows or Linux before viewing it,in case of samba we can direct share files.

3)in case of samba there is need of samba clients on samba server for accessing files.

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Q: Samba server and ftp server difference?
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When was Robo-FTP Server created?

Robo-FTP Server was created in 2006-04.

Is it essential to learn ASP or ASPnet for an FTP server?

No. ASP and ASP.NET are issues of a web server, not an ftp server.

Why might you have problems connecting to an FTP server PORT mode?

Check the server has passive ftp enabled.

What is a Samba server in Linux?

Samba Server is the Linux implementation of SMB, or Server Message Block. It is utilized for network sharing of files and printers.

What are some brands of FTP server software?

A best selling brand of FTP server software is Microsoft. Microsoft, through their Windows product line, offer FTP server capabilities on any Windows software version.

What are the roles of FTP server?

FTP server is a service you install onto the server to download and manage files remotely. FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol so it's logic basically. An FTP client allows you to connect to the FTP server on the 21 port (In most cases) to download, upload, delete, rename, change permissions of files remotely.

What can be used on Linux to provide file and print services?

CUPS is the de-facto network print service for Linux and Mac. Certain windows versions can connect to it also (unless you have XP home or some other crippled version) Native Linux file transfers might occur over HTTP (Web server) FTP (FTP server) scp (ssh server) NFS (NFS 'network file system' server) SAMBA (Samba file and print service for Windows, also works as a client for win servers) Of the five, NFS is probably the preferred Linux file server (especially in a Linux/mac/Unix only environment), because you can mount the server directory on the client and it will appear as a local directory. For true compatibility with windows, there is one answer to both questions: SAMBA. Samba uses the same Small Message Block (SMB) protocol that is native to Windows clients. It is a Linux and Mac implementation of NetBios, NT File Server, NT Print Server, and Active Directory server and client all rolled into one.

How to use ftp client and server on the same PC?

Why would you want to do that? A file transfer usually takes place between two computers - one is operating as a client and the other as a server. Running the client and server portion on the same PC to transfer files is very inefficient. You can use the ftp client to communicate with the ftp service on the same server/pc the same way as you would across the network; there is no difference.

Port no of samba server?


A computer that allows users to upload and download files using FTP?

This is called a server. Mostly called a FTP server.

How do you load website on to server?

Web sites are (up) loaded to the server using an FTP program designed for that purpose. Many FTP programs, such as Core FTP, also offer editing and file transfer tools to use on the server too.

Can a Server be both an FTP Server and a Web Server?

Yes, we can host multiple web sites on single web server and only one FTP server per IP address. They just use different ports.