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The 2 codes that I used and worked for Direct TV was "10178 and 10179" they worked great for me and I hope they work for you :)

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Q: What are the universal codes for an vizio flat screen TVs?
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How many pounds is a 37in vizio flat screen tv?

Around 35 pounds

What is the difference between vizio televisions and regular ones?

Vizio Televisions are normally HD or high definition. They can be plasma or LED, and are flat screen and wide screen. They are really nice tvs, and are usually cheaper.

What is the code for a Element flat screen tv using a dish network universal remote?

There are 4 codes available for an Element TV. They are listed below! Codes: 627, 251, 654, 659

Can I still use a universal remote on a flat screen tv?

Absolutely! You can still use universal remotes on any flat screen TV, just check the remote code in your user manual or online.

Who is the manufacturer of Vizio TV?

VIZIO is an American privately held consumer electronics company, based in Irvine, California. It was founded in October 2002 as V Inc. and is best known as a producer of affordable flat screen televisions.

Can you please tell you what is a vizio?

Vizio is a brand consumer electronics that mainly sells flat-screen LCD and HD televisions. They also sell other types of HD equipment such as surround sound systems and LCD computer monitors.

What are some major brands of cheap flat screen TV equipment?

Your question only brought one brand to the surface. Vizio has been known for making cheap and equally reliable flat screen LCDs for the last few years. I would go check them out.

What is a cheap yet good quality flat screen?

First off, how big of a screen are you looking at? I bought my teenage daughter a 19" LED Samsung for about $200. Samsung, in my opinion, makes the best TV's. If this is still a little high for your budget, I also have a Vizio flat screen. Excellent picture and cheaper on my pocketbook!

How does theHDMI work on kindle?

You can plug a HDMI cable in it and plug into a TV HDMI input and watch your kindle on your flat screen TV, I watch mine on a 48" Vizio.

The Maker Of Vizio Electronics?

It is a privately owned TV producing company in the US with production plants in Asia for cheap labor and manufacturing costs. Started in 2002 by William Wang as incorporation electronic company, Vizio started producing flat screen TVs of LCD and LED brands in 2007.

Is vizio made by Sony?

No, Sony is not the owner Vizio. Vizio is an independent company. All manufacturers who make the Vizio make things for Amtran Corporation. These include LG or Samsung OEM suppliers, depending on the manufactures the screen. Links can be found below for more information.

Which brands of flat screen TV are considered to be the best?

Sony because they always have high and great quality while at great prices. Vizio is too but Samsung might be a better choice since their TVs are big and cheap