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You will get an alert from Windows XP if your system is being attacked. Oftentimes, you will get a popup in the lower right hand corner of your PC monitor.

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A message box will pop up saying "Access is denied", denying the user to access the file.

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Q: What happen when an unauthorized user tries to unencrypt a file?
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What happens when an unauthorized user tries to open an encrypted file?

it will still open but displays in ASCII code.

How do you use unauthorized in a sentence?

He accessed the file unauthorized, leading to disciplinary action.

How do you unencrypt a word document?

Open the document using the password that you applied. Then change thepassword to no password.Open the file which you have Encrypted, then follow this steps:Go to the FILE Menu,SAVE AS option,Click OPTIONS,Delete the PASSWORD TO OPEN,Click Ok tab.Suman

What is the most common use of a file screen?

prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the server

Why file protection is needed?

For security- so that unauthorized users do not have access to it or cannot modify it.

What happens when an authorised user tries to unencrypt a file?

The system software or third party software validates the authorization (the security token for the current account), and then decrypts a key that is tied to the user's account using the supplied password, and then applies that key to the file's contents, ultimately decrypting the file. The key is encrypted with the user's password, and can not be decrypted without this password. For this reason, using the "reset password" function without supplying their old password will render all of their encrypted files unrecoverable. This can be prevented by having an account designated as a recovery agent, or by backing up the keys to a server or disk.

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It means that it is not the correct mp3 file. You should go at the proper location for the mp3 file.

Minix file whose honour has uid equals 12 and gid equals 1 has a mode rwxr-x--- another user with uid equals 6 and gid equals 1 tries to execute the file what will happen?

I believe since the user has gid=1, the file has gid=1, and the group permission is r-x(read and execute), the file will execute normally.

Why is an NTFS partition more secured than FAT32?

NTFS (New Technology File System ) prevents changes from unauthorized users and prevents them from reading data from a computer.NTFS (New Technology File System) automatically encryptsfiles.

Can you run the setup.exe file from a DVD RW?

Yes, as long as the setup file is intelligent enough to ask where to install or extract the files. It will fail if it tries to write to the DVD even though it is RW

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It is likely to happen.

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