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Q: What is a cylinder on a disk drive?
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What is the difference between a drive and a disk?

The difference between a drive and disk is that a drive is used to read a disk whether it be a floppy disk or a compact disk.

What does 'HDD' stand for?

Hard Disk Drive.

What is disk drive?

A disk drive is a device that computers can use to read and write information on computer disk. An example of one is the hard disk drive.

What is the other name for hard disk in architecture?

It is also known as Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Or Hard Disk Drive.

What is another word for hard drive?

a hard drive is called "disque dur" in French.

What group does the local disk drive contain for the hard disk drive?

Local disk c

What are the tree drives on a computer?

Hard drive, Disk drive and FLoppy disk drive

What is a unit that reads and writes onto a disk?

Depending on the format of the disk - A disk-drive, CD-ROM drive or DVD drive.

Is disk drive an example of output device?

No a disk drive is neither input or output device, it is an optical disk drive (for CD/DVD's) and a disk drive (for hard drives) would be a storage device.

Your computers Disk Drive is saying Please Insert a Disk into drive E?

That's because it is trying to read drive E:/, but there is no disk in it.

Name 3 kind of storage drive?

zip disk drive floppy disk drive cd drive dvd drive

What is chs mode?

CHS mode stands for Cylinder-Head-Sector mode, which is a way of addressing and accessing data on a hard disk drive. In CHS mode, data is organized and located on the disk based on a combination of the cylinder number, head number, and sector number. It was commonly used in older computer systems.