What is exogenous virus?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I believe, exogenous virus exist as: "replication competent viruses that are transmitted horizontally in mice, while endogenous viruses exist as germline sequences that are usually not replication competent by may recombine with exogenous viruses during the course of infection."

This would refer to exogenous retroviruses.

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Q: What is exogenous virus?
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What is exogenous RNA?

Exogenous RNA refers to RNA that originates from outside an organism, such as from a virus or through external RNA delivery methods. It can have various purposes, like triggering immune responses or being used in research and therapeutics.

What is exogenous activity?

Exogenous behavior is the behavior that is derived externally and outside the body. Exogenous behavior can also be in reference to outside sources that effect us, such as temperature and sunlight.

When b cells secrete antibodies does it fight against endogenous or exogenous pathogens?

exogenous pathogens.

What do exogenous sources of infection include?

Exogenous infection is a bacterial infection that develops from the outside of the body. Exogenous bacteria are foodborne and waterborne which can be consumed directly or through secondary host.

What is the definition of exogenous?

Exogenous is the use of something from outside the organism - such as insulin. A link with a longer definition is below.

Define and differentiate between endogenous and exogenous variables?

The endogenous variables value is established by the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The exogenous variables value in independent of the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The difference between the endogenous and exogenous variables is the endogenous depends solely on the structure and the exogenous depend on outside elements.

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What is the meaning of term 'exogenous'?

The term exogenous means something relating to external factors. It is used in biology to refer to something that is growing or originating from outside of an organism.

What is an exogenous processes?

An exogenous process is a factor or variable that originates from outside the system being studied. In other words, it is a driver or input that influences the system but is not influenced by the system itself. Exogenous processes are important to consider in various fields such as economics, biology, and social sciences to understand the impact of external factors on the system under investigation.

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