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Well, there are several factors. There is the processor. The average speed of a processor is around 2.1ghz, but the more modern computers now have 'dual core processors', which means there are 2 processors, each running at speeds of 2.1ghz each on average.

There is also RAM, or Memory. Most XP computers have anywhere from 256MB- 1 Gig of ram, or more. Vista computers typically have 2 gigs or more, if you want them to run well. The processes that are running effect the amount of memory used. If your computer is using more memory than what you have, this means it is using the available memory PLUS memory from the hard drive, which can dramatically decrease performance. Not the memory from the harddrive, but the process of taking memory from the harddrive for temporary use.

Another small factor is the graphics card. This all depends on the types of games you play on the computer, or the amount of media, and the standard that is required to run them. If you are looking for a high end (or high standard) graphics card, that typically means you play a lot of high graphic games or watch high quality media. Requirements for games and/or movies on a computer are usually listed on the package they are sold in.

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Slow computer performance can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of the such causes are: many programs running simultaneously, inadequate space on your hard drive, low RAM capacity, bad hard drive and inadequate ventilation. Others include out-of-date software and hardware drivers and virus infections.

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  1. Old Processor- The program you run may demand more power.
  2. Absence of Video Card while playing games and watching movies.
  3. Low RAM- More memory consuming tasks loaded.
  4. Virus- Affecting the potential of the system.
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making more applications running at the same

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Q: What is the cause of a slow performance of a computer?
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