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These are all DOS commands for the old PC DOS operating system.

Copy could copy some combination of file or files (via wildcards) within a given directory, xcopy could do that as well as copy directories, diskcopy could make duplicates of disks usually floppy disks.

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Although not widely used these days, because of the graphical user interface (GUI), DOS command prompt commands like copy and xcopy still have their uses, and every PC technician should still know what they're used for.

the "copy" command is used to copy single files, while "xcopy" will copy entire directories (including subdirectories).

Hope this clears things up.

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The copy command copies and combines files.The Xcopy command selectively copies files.

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Q: What is the difference between Copy Xcopy and diskcopy?
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What is the difference between the Copy command and he Xcopy command?


Copy and Xcopy are same in the sense?

The Copy and Xcopy are the same in the sense that both copy the files and directory trees to another folder.

What are the different between copy and x copy?

Copy copies files. Xcopy copies directories, too. Much more powerful.

What is the complete Diskcopy command required to copy files on a disk in drive A to a disk in drive B?

diskcopy a: b:

What is the DOS copy command to copy a complete directory to multiple 3.5 inch floppies?

To copy directory, you need to run xcopy command.. You can not copy directory with copy command.. xcopy c:\*.* /s/e a:\ This will copy entire contents to A drive..

What switch do you use with Xcopy or Robocopy to copy?


What switch do you use with xcopy or robocopy to copy subdirectories?


What can one obtain from the website Xcopy?

Xcopy is the website for the business Express Copy in Portland, Maine. Their main product is document printing, which they offer a full line of services.

Which command enables you to copy entire directories including subdirectories from one location to another?


DOS command to copy multiple files?

Depends on which operating system you are using and whether you want to copy more than one file.In DOS/Windows command prompt "c:\copy xxxx /destination_folder/"if more than one file you can use "c:\copy xxx.* /destination_folder/"Xcopy has more options (verify, copy subdirectories ..) and is used "c:\xcopy xxx* /s /destination_folder/"In Unix/Linux/OSX cp is the command for copyingas in "#darkstar$cp -R *.txt /destination_folder/"cp has a lot more option than xcopy but you will need to type either "cp --help" or "man cp" to get the best of cp's actions.

What dos commands do you use to transfer files?

MOVE as well as COPY and XCOPY, which leave the source file where it was.

What is the command to copy all data and subfolders from the Adata folder to the Cdata folder?

copy a:\data\*.* c:\data\