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After BCA there is a lot of scope but there's not sufficient package ....

u have to do MCA to get good package ........

Lot of companies infosys, ibm ,TCL .......


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Q: What is the scope of placement after BCA and MCA degree?
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What is the scope of MCA in future in India or in the whole world whether you do mca bca from India college of Pune what is d its placement what is minimum salary you ll get after doing MCA there?

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Why is there is a jump from metallurgy diploma to BCA and then to MCA?

The BCA is most likely a bachelors degree. The MCA is a masters.

What is best for BCA student MBA or MCA or MMS?

The best masters degree for a BCA student is either an MCA or an MBA.

Which is the best option after BCA degree?

i like to do MCA

Can you do MTech in comscience after BCA degree?


Is placement is there after BCA?

Yes. U got placed after b.c.a , but mca can boost ur carrier.

What type of master degree you do after bca?

MCA in the field of computer application or opt for other related Masters degree.

Can you do mca after completion of bca?

yes,bec after bca . Mca becomes easy to learn

What should be done after BCA?

After BCA you can do MCA if you want to be an engineer or else you can go for MBA degree if you want to make career in Management field.

What should you do after BCA graduation?

i will do mca after bca

What is the duration of mca after bca through mdu?

The duration of mca is two years after completing bca

Is it possible to do MBA after BCA?

yes definitely it is possible to do MBA after BCA. that depends on your interest. []