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Q: What kind of physical cabels are used to transmit data and what are their advantages and disadvanteges?
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What is the three main cabels used in installation?


What does the slang term 'cabels' refer to?

Cabels, a mis-spelling of the word cables, is an American slang word for Police handcuffs. Other slang word for handcuffs include: bracelets and cuffs.

Where is a good store for youth shotguns?

Cabels's. Bass Pro

Why were there sparks when cabels were hooked up wrong can the battery be charged again?

why were there sparks when cabels were hooked up when trying to jump start car is it safe to try and jump start car again

Where are the wires and cabels in your home?

Usually concealed in the walls, attic and crawlspace of your home.

What is the cost to restring a compound bow?

Just last week I had to have the string and cabels replaced on my PSE " Beast". the estimate i got for new cabels was $60.00 Cdn, and an additional $20.00 for the new string.

How do you take off cabels on a VW Beetle?

Which cables are you trying to remove? They either pull off, or the ends are bolted/screwed down.

What is A type of bridge hung by cabels?

A cable suspension bridge is a bridge hung from cables. These bridges has cables suspended between towers as well as vertical cables.

IDE cabels have how many pins?

80 pins I believe this is wrong! IDE cables have 40 pins and 80 wires and IDE cables for notebooks have 44 pins

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starter, starter relay, battery, high resistance in batter/starter cabels just a few things that will cause this.

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Underneth funture or under cabels. Anything that is small check. They are very active they like hiding in a humid like 50 degress

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Solid fuel stoves can be purchased at outdoor sporting equipment stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, The Survival Store, REI, Gander Mountain, and Cabels.