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At right side of the keyboard there are shortcut keys. They are are used by right fingers.

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Q: What shortcut keys to be used by right fingers?
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What is used to format text as you type it?

Shortcut Keys

What fingers are used in home keys?

The home keys are considered the middle row of characters on the keyboard, running from "a" on the left to the colon or semicolon key on the right. The pointer fingers align on the "f" and "j" keys, and the middle, ring and pinky fingers are also utilized on the same row of home keys.

The shortcut keys used to left-align a paragraph are?


Keyboard combination keys used to perform tasks quickly?

shortcut key

What is the keyboard shortcut key used to center a paragraph?

There is just one keyboard shortcut used to left-align a paragraph in Microsoft Word. 'Ctrl+L' are the keys used in this shortcut.

What keyboard shortcut keys can be used to paste text from the office clipboard?

Ctrl + V

What short cut key of shortcut keys are used to execute the command Save As?


What are the shortcut keys for turning on the computer?

In some old windows computers the spacebar can be used to turn on the computer.

Why are keyboard shortcut keys used instead of the mouse?

Because some people prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse.

To perform mouse tasks on a keyboard you must understand the notation used to identify which keys to press This notation is called a?

shortcut key

What other key can you use to select a command using the keyboard?

The Shortcut key can be used for selecting some commands. There are also many specific shortcut key combinations for commands and there are the Function keys.

What appears when you right click an objects frequently used commands?

Shortcut menu