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proccessor, gpu/display adapter,ram size and speed, hdd, pre-installed O.S and Software inc antivirus (check the license validity period) and make sure the O.S is genuine.

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Q: What to look for when buying netbook?
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What sort of warranties should I look for when buying a netbook computer?

Different netbook manufacturers offer warranties that differ according to the specific manufacturer. Dell currently offers several warranties, that offer the consumer a chance to extend the warranty period. has all the detailed information available.

What does a netbook look like?

a small computer -Jessie

How old do you have to be to have a netbook?

There is no age restriction on owning a netbook. You 10 and if you understand what is netbook go for it.

Is there a netbook available for under 140 pounds?

Yes there are many in the market look for E-bay

Where can I find the best netbook that is fairly priced?

Depending on the specifications you want for your netbook you could look up competing companies prices on forums, and also retailers such as BestBuy that sell from many different companies.

Does Asus make a netbook with splashtop on it?

Not that i know of but you can download it on to a netbook

Can you run Roblox on a netbook?

Yes. Intel Netbook can do so

What is considered to be the top Netbook sold?

The top Netbook sold is the ASUS 10.1-Inch Netbook (Matte Black). This is followed by Toshiba 10.1-Inch Netbook (Blue) and the Acer Aspire One 11.6-Inch HD Netbook (Espresso Black).

What is the difference between a netbook and an iPod?

On a netbook, you cannot play videos on YouTube; on an iPod Touch you can. You cannot play games on a netbook.

Can i call your netbook from my netbook?

Yes you can using Skype! Its the best tool :)

What is netbook cooling pad for?

It prevents your netbook from overheating which can cause it to fail.

Are there computer bags available in the new "netbook" size?

Yes, there are Netbook bags and cases available. Try the Targus Sport Netbook Case.