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Q: Which daemons are responsible for logging system events on a Linux machine?
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What is the purpose of security logging?

to record specified events

Boot logging logs events to what file?

It logs into Ntbtlog.txt

You are the network administrator for a new organization you are currently in the planning phase of setting up security logging for the network what is the purpose of security logging?

To record specified events and record further information regarding the events

Boot logging logs events to the file to investigate the source of an unknown startup error?


What is syslog in Linux?

Syslog is a system daemon that tracks system events and puts them in plaintext files the user can read. It also manages these files so that they don't get too numerous or too big. Usually when something odd happens in any *nix system, the responsible first stop for an administrator is /var/log, where daemons like syslog places logs.

What commands would you use to see real-time errors or events on a router?

That depends on the brand and OS version of the router.For most versions of Cisco routers, the command to enable logging to the terminal isterminal monitorThis just allows log messages to be sent to the terminal. To actually start logging errors, use the commandlogging monitor errorTo end error logging, typeno logging monitorand to disable logging to the terminal, typeterminal no monitorHTH,Gdunge

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What was most responsible for the events that led to the scopes trial?


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Strange or unnatural events

What is event viewer?

The event viewer is an application that allows system administrators to view interesting events that occurred in the system. There are three basic categories of events: informational, auditing, and error logging. Informational events simply note interesting events, such as the length of time required to boot, or certain services starting or stopping. Auditing events are logged when a certain condition occurs in the system, and can be configured by administrators. Examples of audits include attempts to view a directory or file, or attempts to log in. Error logging events are generated when an exception occurs in the system, such as a service failing to start or an application crash. These events can assist administrators in diagnosing and repairing system failures.