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cause the processor reaches high temperatures that might burn it .permanently...

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Q: Why might a specialized cooler be required to overclock a computer?
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If you plan to overclock a system what should you do to protect against overheating?

u should buy an aftermarket cooler for CPU

How is microprocessor linked with computer graphics?

Well, the processor is what runs the computer, but with out the other parts it is worthless. It is a big impact on graghics because of the graghics card is faster than the processor, it doesnt matter, the processor can only do so much. But, you can overclock and mutiply, then you start get faster speeds. The only problem with that, is you have to know the limit of the processor and have a good cooler, usally its a liquid cooling system.

How do you choose an evaporative cooler?

To choose an evaporative cooler, determine the size of the cooler needed, the services of the evaporative cooler, and the correct type of cooler. Consider the accessories required and compare it with a traditional air conditioner.

Where is the GPU cooler located in a computer?

On the graphics card.

Why is this computer so cool?

because we are not cool ourselves. if are cool too, we are going to be cooler than the computer

What is hardware that is required in order to build aworking computer?

CPU (requires some sort of cooler like heatsink or fan) Motherboard, RAM (memory) Hard Drive, DVD ROM drive, Monitor, Video card.

Can you use CPU cooler twice?

you mean transfer a cooler from one to another? sure? as long as it's in good condition, and it fits in the other computer perfectly.

Will a Cooler Master Elite 343 run minecraft?

Thats just a case, not a computer.

I just bought a computer kit what CPU fan do I need CPU is a AMD Phenom X4 9650 Quad Core Processor OEM Mobo is Asus M4A785-M?

If you are not planning to overclock your processor, then most any AM2 heat sink and fan will work. Do look on the package to verify it is rated for quad-core 2.5 Ghz. Some good brands are Thermaltake, Masscool, Cooler Master, and Zalman (listed from personal experience)

List five form factors mentioned in this lab that you should consider when selecting a cooler?

The size of the cooling device, The heat emitted be the component you want to cool, The temperature at which you want the component to be, Do you want to overclock?, and What method to use for cooling the component (ie Heat-sink or water cooling)

Which laptop accessories are best for business trips?

I'd see a computer bag and a cooler mat.

Why second generation computer more reliable?

Transistors ran cooler than Vacuum tubes.