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Yes they did. It is called a "gallery special" model. Remington Product No# is 5512 on the new in box one that I have. Ralph

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Q: Did Remington make a nylon 66 in .22 short only?
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What ammunition does Remington 66 nylon use?

this rifle should be marked .22S,.22L,and .22LR.

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No my only reference to the model 597 Remington is for a 22lr semi-auto rifle.

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Because the .25-06 uses a necked-down version of the .30-06 parent case it will only work in the Remington Long action, same as their .30-06 chambered rifles. The .308 Winchester and the .223 Remington cartridges are found in Remingtons short actions.

What is the value of a Remington Nylon 76 with brown stock and white diamond in 90 percent good condition?

The gun is worth $400 to $500 in that kind of shape. I have several and they are somewhat rare only about 22K made.

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No, bolt-action only. Bummer! I was under the impression that they did some years back but discontinued the 35 cal. lever action rifle by Remington

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Only Remington and the BATFE know.

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You people of internet are mad who made this website cuz u only dont know to answer

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