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Q: How do you put in the batteries in a dorcy flashlight?
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How could you use a flashlight to test two different brands of batteries to see which brand had more energy?

Well what you would do is you would put the first brand of batteries in the flashlight and you would time how long the batteries lasted and right it down . Then put the second brand of batteries in the flashlight and turn on the flashlight and time the flashlight and see how long the batteries lated and wright it down and you have your answer .

What happens if you put the batteries in a flashlight in the wrong direction?

If you put the batteries in a flashlight in the wrong direction, the electrical current won't flow properly, preventing the flashlight from turning on. It's important to insert the batteries according to the correct polarity indicated on the device to ensure it functions correctly.

Do flashlight use batteries?

Of course flashlight use batteries,no batteries means no power. I have a Imalent flashlight with remote control,very fashion,lol

What is the input in the system of a flashlight?

The input system of a flashlight is the batteries

How do you put a flashlight together?

To put a flashlight together, first gather all the necessary components such as the flashlight body, batteries, LED bulb, reflector, switch, and lens. Then, assemble the components in the correct order following the manufacturer's instructions or a DIY guide. Finally, secure all the parts together tightly to ensure the flashlight functions properly.

What is another kind of energy that a flashlight gets?

A flashlight can also get energy from batteries or rechargeable batteries to power the light source.

Where does energy come from a flashlight?

In a flashlight, energy comes from the batteries. The batteries provide electrical energy to power the light bulb or LED in the flashlight, producing light as a result.

How many volts does a flashlight need to make it work?

The answer is governed by the size of the flashlight. Count the amount of batteries that go into the flashlight and then multiply by 1.5 and this will give you the voltage of the flashlight. For NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries multiply by 1.3 volts.

When did Dorcy Howard die?

Dorcy Howard died in August 1986.

How are car and flashlight batteries different?

Car batteries will make a larger explosion than flashlight batteries would.

Duracell AAA batteries vs. Energizer AAA batteries in a flashlight?


How do you get old batteries out of a flashlight?

unscrew the top