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It is a changer that you can load & store 5 CDs into and play any of these CDs you want and any time.

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Q: What is a 5 disc CD changer?
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Which car CD changer can cycle through CD's the fastest?

Sony XPLOD 10-DISC CD MP3 CHANGER changes very fast.

Why does your jaguar CD changer read no disc?

help please

Where online can I purchase a 3 disc cd changer to replace my car radio?

At you'll find a 3 disc car CD changer in-dash model, and they offer to match competitor prices. The Alpine KAE-213C model is a 3 disc car CD changer/ magazine for in-dash installation.

What Car CD Changer comes with the best warranty?

BLAUPUNKT CDCA03 10 Disc Car CD Changer has a one year warranty.

What is the smallest Car CD changer?

The JVC CH X350 is advertised as the smallest 12 disc changer.

What is the most cd's that a changer can hold?

A 72-disc changer is available by special order from Rockford-Fosgate.

Where is the cheapest place online that I can buy a DVD/SACD/CD 400 Disc Changer?

The cheapest website for a DVD/SACD/CD 400 Disc Changer is at They also have free ground shipping.

How do you remove CD stuck in 6 disc changer for Acura?

How did that even happen...

Why won't my 1997 Ford Expedition CD changer not work?

there is no fuse on the CD changer of any for vehicle, they get the power from the factory radio If the radio displays NO DJ NO CD or BAD DISC that means the CD changer laser is defective and can't read the disc information nothing wrong with the magazine or the Cd's the CD changer needs to be repair or replace any car audio repair or clarion service center can fix it or you can get a rebuild unit from oemautosound

What car CD changer has the highest disc capacity?

Sony makes a 10-CD changer that is one of the largest on the market and has a very good build quality, too.

Are there portable CD players that can store multiple CDs?

You would need the 6-Disc CD Changer CDXT69.

Does a remote with a display come with the sony cdp-cx355 300-disc cd changer?

No, the remote does not have a display. The CD changer main unit has a display of only 13 alphanumeric characters for a CD description.