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3 milligrams is SO small I don't believe you could measure it without lab. equipment. A teaspoon is 5,000 mg, so you can possibly imagine how small 3 mg is.

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There are 5,000 milligrams in a teaspoon.

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Q: What other measurement equals 3 milligrams of medication teaspoons for example?
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What medications require physiological measurement?

There are quite a few medications that require physiological measurements. Any medication required for a mental illness for example requires these measurements to be taken.

How many teaspoons are 60 milligrams equal to?

This is impossible to know without the name of the medication and the preparation it comes in. Different medications and brands of medications come in different concentrations. Every liquid medication has a different ratio of drug to liquid. As an EXAMPLE: medication "A" could have 10 mg per teaspoon and medication "B" could have 50 mg per teaspoon. Also, brand "X" of medication "A" could have a different ratio than brand "Y" of medication "A".

What medication requires measurement?

There are quite a few medications that require physiological measurements. Any medication required for a mental illness for example requires these measurements to be taken.

How many teaspoons in 6000 milligrams?

A teaspoon is a measure of VOLUME. A milligram (mg) is a measure of WEIGHT. The two do not interchange. mL (milliliter) is a measure of volume, but mg is not. There are ABOUT 162 teaspoons in 800 mL. .

Why would it be important to use milligrams to measure mass?

It would depend on what you are comparing it to. Since there is nothing given, we will compare it to a gram. There are 1000 milligrams in 1 gram. So, if we are referring to something that weighs less than a gram in milligrams, we will get a much more precise measurement. For example, saying we have 5 milligrams of something is much more precise than saying we have less than a gram of something.

How many teaspoons are in 70 mg?

One liter of water weighs exactly one kilogram. (This only true of water, oil, for example, weighs less.) There are 1000 ml (milliliters) in one liter, so one milliliter weighs one gram (not milligram!) and one gram is 1000 milligrams; therefore one milliliter is 1000 milligrams. There are then 0.07 milliliters in 70 milligrams.

How many teaspoons will equal 181000 milligrams?

Since teaspoons is a measure of volume and milligrams are a measure of mass. The answer for this question varies depending on what substance you are measuring. 1000 Mg = 1 milliliter Example: 1 teaspoon is equal to 4.93 milliliters or ml (of water) so, therefore 4,930 Mg = 1 teaspoon (of water) 181000 Mg = 36.71 teaspoons 36.71 teaspoon is equal to 0.76 cups (US, liquid) so, about 3/4 cups If you are measuring something dry I recommend weighing it. 181,000 Mg = 181 grams = 6.38 ounces (avoirdupois)

How many teaspoons equal 75 milligrams?

2 teaspoons are equal to 25mg.Actually, they're not. A milligram (mg) is 1/1000th of a gram. And there is no standard conversion of mg to teaspoons (or grams to teaspoons, or any other measure of weight to teaspoons), since this is a weight to volume conversion. For example, 1/1000th of a gram of lead (Pb) will take up fewer teaspoons in volume than 1/1000th of a gram of feathers will. Due to the variation of weight-to volume calculations, there is no standard unit for conversion. If you wish for a substance to be converted accurately, you need to state in the question what the substance is. Hope that helps.For most cooking ingredients, 2 tsp is close enough.

Three milligrams equals how many milliliters?

Milligram is a measurement of mass Millilitre is a measurement of volume The 2 are not directly comparable. 1mg of Mercury will have a different volume than 1mg of water for example. This is because both liquids have a different density.

What is a example of a precision measurement is a reading of?

An example of a precision measurement is a reading of

How would you convert milligrams to milliliters?

I'M NOT SURE THERE IS a way to convert milligrams to milliliters . Milligrams measure weight and milliliters measure liquid. That would sort of be like asking how many pounds are in a quart. In certain liquid medication, the prescription will specify "10 mg per ml". (also an ml is equal to a cc). Anyone else with a better answer?? <> Hi there, I believe you're asking how many ML would i have to give if I have to give x amount of mg.., I use a ratio proportion, for example if you have a medication that says 10mg per 1ML and you need to give oh i don't know 50mg, you have 10mg/1mL = 50mg/X so cross multiply and you get 10x=50 solve for x and you have to give 5mL of that medication Also remember most medications have a x amount of milligrams per y amount of milliliters, and you need that information first!

How do you convert decigrams to milligrams?

There are 100 milligrams in one decigram. Therefore, to convert decigrams to milligrams, multiply by 100. For example, 3.2 decigrams is equal to 3.2 x 100 = 320 milligrams.