How many expeditions did Leif Erickson make?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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leif ericsson did 4 expeditions

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Q: How many expeditions did Leif Erickson make?
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How many people did leif erickson explore with?

He had a crew of 35 men.

How many kids did Leif Erickson have?

He had one son, named Thorkell Leifsson.

How many siblings did Leif Erickson have?

Two brothers and one half sister.

Why was Leif Erickson baned from Iceland?

Because he had too many fights there and killed a lot of people.

How many times did Leif Erickson sail?

36 times originally and then 33 more times after that

What is leif erickson famous for?

Many things including settling in North America about 500 years before it was "discovered".

How many places did Leif Erickson discover?

5 places 3 places{Vinland,Nova Scotia,and New England.

How many expeditions did Vicente Yáñez Pinzón make?

He made alot of expeditions

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What were Leif Erickson's discoverys?

Lief discovered many things for the Vikings, including what is today North America, and a crew of a shipwreck who would have surely died if it wasn't for being discovered by Lief.

How many expeditions did Ferdinand Magellan make in his life?