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Q: Who were the crew of the Mary Celeste?
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Were there lifeboats on 'Mary Celeste' after the crew went missing?

No, there were no life boats on Mary Celeste after the crew went missing.

What ship was found floating with no sign of crew on the ship?

Mary Celeste

What happened on the 'mary celeste'?

Most likely the captain and crew of the Mary Celeste thought that their boat was sinking and abandoned ship,thought there have been theories ranging from mutany to alien abduction.

Were there any survivors of 'Mary Celeste'?

Yes, there were no survivors found aboard the Mary Celeste when it was discovered adrift in December 1872. The fate of the passengers and crew remains a mystery to this day.

Was any of the 'Mary Celeste' crew drunk?

It is not known whether any of Mary Celeste's crew drank. Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs was not known to drink or tolerate drinking. The hermaphrodite brig in question was transporting 1,701 barrels of industrial alcohol, which is undrinkable and volatile.

Why did the crew abandon 'Mary Celeste'?

Nobody knows why the crew abandoned the half brig Mary Celeste. Gibraltar's Admiralty Court left a judgment of responsibility on the captains and crew of Mary Celeste and of Dei Gratia, the hermaphrodite brig's savior from days of yawing between the Azores and Portugal. Twentieth and twenty-first-century reconstructions range from accidental drowning of the Mary Celeste 10 (of captain with daughter and wife, three officers and four seamen) -- in an overloaded, rickety lifeboat because of a ship endangered by explosions, fumes, seaquakes or water spouts -- to disappearance by conspiracy or fraud and murder by pirates.

Where was 'Mary Celeste' going?

The ship Mary Celeste was going east.

What happened to the crew on the Marie Celeste?

The fate of the crew of the Marie Celeste has never been determined.

Was 'Mary Celeste' destroyed?

Yes, the ship Mary Celeste was destroyed when it rammed into the Rochelais Reef off Haiti, an act that some crew members subsequently alleged the last captain, Gilman C. Parker, to have done deliberately.

Was there a storm at the time 'Mary Celeste' was found?

No, there was no storm at the time Mary Celeste was found on Monday, December 4, 1872 (standard reckoning) or on Tuesday, December 5, 1872 (nautical reckoning). There nevertheless was stormy weather between New York and the Azores during the month of November. There also were storms after the hermaphrodite brig was discovered by the captain and the crew of Dei Gratia and before crew members from Dei Gratia landed Mary Celeste in Gibraltar.

Was the 'Mary Celeste' mystery ever solved?

The mystery of the 'Mary Celeste' has never been definitively solved. The ship was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872 with no crew on board, leading to various theories about what happened, including piracy, mutiny, and natural disasters. However, no conclusive evidence has been found to explain the disappearance of the crew.

What is peculiar about 'Mary Celeste'?

Design is a peculiarity of Mary Celeste. The ship straddled two sailing styles in order to maximize cargo carrying capacity and to minimize crew space. It was called a half or hermaphrodite brig for juggling elements of a barkentine and of a schooner.