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How the flying dutch fudgecake should we know?

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Q: How did the aboriginal people feel about the schools?
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How did aboriginal people feel about the Europeans homes?

too big

How does aboriginal art feel like?


What are rights and responsibilities aboriginal people had?

The Aboriginals of which country? There are dozens of Aboriginal tribes in dozens of countries. Feel free to re-ask your question giving the specifics.

How do people feel about Youngstown City Schools?

youngstown city schools are the BEST!

What were established to assimilate aboriginal children into Canadian society?

Residential Schools were established to assimilate aboriginal children into Canadian society

Where do aboriginal people stay?

Aboriginal people are found and live in Australia.

How do you make sentence for aboriginal?

aboriginal people were one of the first people

What do aboriginal spears do?

Aboriginal spears kill many animals and the aboriginal people cooked and ate! But some people steel aboriginal children and treat them terribly.

When did aboriginal people invent the canoe?

aboriginal people invent the canoe at midday

Who made aboriginal dot paintings?

Aboriginal people

What is Aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people are people before colonization, normally called indigenous people. Term "Aboriginal" is normally applied to people who inhabited Australia before European colonization.

How many people are in one family aboriginal?

they are about 30 people in one aboriginal family