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A McDonald's Snack Wrap with grilled chicken has 26g of carbs.

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1 item is 8 Points

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5.5 points


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Q: How many weight watcher points are in cracker jacks?
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How old are cracker Jacks?

'Cracker Jack' has been around since 1893 .

What year was cracker jacks made?

Cracker Jack was created in 1893.

Why were cracker Jacks invented?

A German immigrant named Frederick William Rueckheim .

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What are cracker jacks made of?

Pop corn and peanuts.

Who invented cracker Jacks?

Frederick William Rueckheim invented Cracker Jack

When did Cracker Jacks start including the prize in their product?

Cracker Jacks, an American snack food company selling candy-coated popcorn and peanuts first started including prizes within the packets in 1912. The first Cracker Jack baseball cards were issued in 1914 and prizes have continued to be popular in Cracker Jacks ever since.

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Cracker Jack

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in 1920 by Slim Shady

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no, they are caramel coated popcorn and peanuts