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Weight is not calculated by age, its calculated by height.

While the above is generally the case, unless there is some overwhelming medical reason, 200 lbs would be considered clinically obese for a 10 year old.

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Q: If you were 200 pounds at age 10 would you be fat?
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You are 54 and weigh 94 pounds are you fat?

Being fat or not depends on various factors, not just age and weight. It's important to consider your height, muscle mass, and overall health in determining if you are at a healthy weight. It would be best to consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate assessment.

You are 13 and 130.2 pounds is that fat?

You would need to take you height into consideration age alone is not enough information.

Is a guy that's 12 and 200 pounds hot?

um.. no!!!!! ewww gross they must be fat because most boys that are 12 are like 90 pounds!!!! :) srry if your 200 pounds and 12 put that's just weird!!!..............gross.................. i would tell the person to LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!

Are you fat if you are 108 pounds and 53?

Depends on your age. Usually, no.

Is Kim Ah-joong is the fat lady too in 200 Pounds Beauty?

Yes she is

For the height 5.9 what are healthy body measurements?

a healthy require ment is at laest 200 pounds or not even because there would be more muscle than fat.

How heavy do you have to be fat?

300 pounds or over --- It depends on your height. normally if your over 200 pounds your on the edge but im 5,7 and 131

If you have 7 pounds of fat removed from your body how much weight would you lose?

7 pounds of fat

Are you fat for being 88 pounds at the age of 11?

no it isn't its normal

Are you fat if you are 11 and 300 pounds?

Being 11 years old and weighing 300 pounds is considered severely overweight for a child. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to address any concerns about weight and to develop a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Your daughter weights 135 pounds is she fat?

Depending on her age, ask a doctor.

A male client who weights 200 lbs and has a body fat percentage of 20%. His body fat percentage goal is 15%. What is the clients current body fat in pounds.?

40 lbs