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It is not Vegan. it has milk powder in it.

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Q: Is SlimFast formula vegan
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Can you order slimfast on the slimfast website?

No, you can not order slimfast off of the slimfast website. On their website they have information about their products and they do provide links to outside websites that do carry their products. The slimfast website is just for information only.

Where to find the best slimfast diets?

Contact Slimfast directly and they can advise you on which diet will fit your needs. Slimfast offers their original products, their low carb products, and the simplified 3-2-1 products.

Is Physicians Formula makeup vegan?

Yes. Their products are made from all natural vegan ingredients and they don't test on animals. No, their products are not made from Vegan ingredients. Most products have beeswax and teir brushes are made from goat hairs. That is definitely NOT OK if you are a vegan.

Do slimfast make you sick?


What flavors or varieties do SlimFast milkshakes come in?

There are many different flavours and varieties that SlimFast milkshakes come in. SlimFast milkshakes come in 5 different varieties. They are original, optima, low-carb, high protein, and easy-to-digest.

How and where can you get slimfast?

You will be able to purchase SlimFast at any store where drinks and snacks are sold. It is also available in bar and powdered form. You should check out a local convenient store or Walmart.

What are the benefits to drinking slimfast?

Slimfast is a ready-to-drink supplement beverage that was designed for people who are on a low or no carb diet. They are beneficial to control calorie intake to help lose weight.

Is it safe for cats to drink Slimfast?

I think you should avoid it

How many calories in a vanilla Slimfast diet drink?

look. on. the. can.

Is slimfast okay for teenagers?

yes it is just a meal supplement with different vitamins and stuff. I am 14 and i drink slimfast (no I'm not fat). though do not drink this for all of your meals because it could be dangerous

Are all Macbeth shoes vegan?

No, but they do have a line of vegan shoes. The vegan shoes are listed as vegan on the website.

What kind of milkshakes do Slimfast do?

Slimfast is a very efficient diet available online or at your local grocery stores. There are a variety of mikshakes available through this diet which includes pre-mixed vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes.