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Q: Is there a another name for calories?
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What is another name for the sugar act?

The calories Act of1836

What Another name for energy given food?


How much calories do you loose by blobbing grease of your pizza?

First answer: less then wats on it now (By user: Ciciandshay) My answer: 150 Calories, You can save another 70 or 80 calories by taking off 1/2 the cheese, and another 60 calories by not eating the crust.

Does food energy have a name?


How many Calories in one egg with double yolk's?

One large egg with a double yolk typically contains around 90 calories. The majority of these calories come from the yolk, which is where the fat and most of the nutrients are found.

How many calories make up a pound?

Calories are energy units, pounds are force units. You can't convert one into another.

What happens when the body uses more energy than the calories it takes will produce?

When you don't get enough calories or you burn more calories than you take in, you become tired and fatigued. Another Answer: When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

How many calories does a Japanese McMuffin have?

It has 140 calories in it. cuz I'm Japanese and my name is Chow shonwholi whats yours?

How many calories are in a Halloween Oreo cookie?

about 100? I'm not sure, check another source.

How much of calories is 1 apple?


Calories in food come from three things. Name two of them.?

Calories come from fat and protein. The third would of course be carbohydrates. The body needs calories to burn in order to function.

Out of 2500 calories what are the calories from fat?

name the food you are asking about. something can contain 2500 calories from carbs, such as flour. then, oil can contain 2500 calories from pure fat. then there are middle things that can contain half and half etc such as peanut butter.