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By definition none at all. Vegetarian food cannot contain meat or fish in the same way as gluten free cannot contain gluten and nut-free cannot contain nuts or traces of nuts.

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Q: What is an acceptable level of meat in vegetarian food?
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What foods would be on the ideal menu of a Sikh?

In the Sikh temple only vegetarian food is allowed so that the temple is open to all. Vegetarian food is deemed acceptable to all. Otherwise many Sikhs eat meat, but it cannot be Kuttha meat (ritually slaughtered meat such and Kosher and Halal).Jhatka meat is acceptable for a baptised Sikh.

Why plants are not considered as non vegetarian food?

Non-vegetarian food would be something containing meat. Since plants do not contain meat, they are considered vegetarian.

What is a semi-vegetarian?

Not a vegetarian. They eat mainly vegetarian food, but they eat meat occasionally.

What are the best food for human body is it vegetarian or non vegetarian?

Non-vegetarian...our ancestors lived on meat

Is shahrukh khan is a vegetarian?

No, Shahrukh is not Vegetarian No, Shahrukh is not Vegetarian

Why is your cat not eating the meat in her food?

she wants to be vegetarian

What are vegetarian unabel to eat?

Non Vegetarian food such as meat, fish, etc. A pure vegetarian does not even eat egg.

Are crabs vegetarian?

Crab is not vegetarian, since it is an animal containing meat. For pescatarians (a less-restrictive form of vegetarianism), fish and seafood like crabs, are acceptable.

Do some vegetarians eat food cooked with meat?

If you are a vegetarian, you don't eat meat at all. Conversely, if you do eat any meat, then technically you cannot be called a vegetarian.

How is being a vegetarian uses less energy than someone who only eats meat.?

Many pounds of vegetarian food is necessary to produce one pound of meat. Any energy used in food production is wasted if the food grown goes to livestock to produce meat. It is more energy efficient to eat vegetarian food directly.

Was Shakespeare a vegetarian?

It was uncommon then to be a vegetarian. Most of the food that he will have eaten would be meat, so no, I don't think William Shakespeare was a vegetarian.

What are meats?

Meats are food that areusually from animals but there is vegetarian meat which isn't real meat its vegetables.