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Well first off you need to know that the tornado is going to hit your best bet is if there is a storm out side and its a pretty strong storm, you need to turn the TV on go to your local weather channel, And if you are in a tornado watch area you need to (if possable) go to your basement or out to your storm cellar. If you dont have niether of those you need to open all the windows in your house, (so you dont get cut or stabed by the glass breaking because of the force of the wind WILL make that happen) then you need to go to your bathroom get your kids in the tub and cover them with all the matresses and pillows you can find. Now if you and your spouce cant fit in the tub and dont want to leave your kids alone, one of you get in between the tub and toilet or if that not possable get ass many blankets, pillows, anything soft and thick to protect you. Lie down flat on the ground and cover up. make sure your able to hold on to the toilet or tub. That way if it is a very strong tornado you wont blow away.

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Q: What are the steps to protect yourself and your family from a tornado?
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