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he just did

With lots of actors, camera takes and video editing. If you watch the shadows on the floor, they moved way too fast for 3 minutes.

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Q: How did criss angel split someone in half?
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Is criss angel Cuban?

No Criss Angel is not Cuban he is half greek.

Is Criss Angel going to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

I really hope he does. Criss Angel is Amazing. Once he cut a women in half!

How does criss angel saw himself in half?

He has several clones which are terminated to accomplish various tricks.

How did Criss Angel pull a woman in half?

Criss Angel's version of the classic sawing a woman in half trick is performed with the help of two women. The upper half of the body is performed by a woman with sacral agenesis, a disorder in which the lower half of the body does not grow properly in fetal development, and the lower half of the body is performed by a contortionist.

What is Criss Angel famous for?

He's a magician/illusionist. Things he is famous for are his stunts he has done - like walk on water, float across a building, split a lady in half, walking up or down the sides of buildings with no support, and much more.

When criss angel pulled girl in half did he put her back together?

Some say they don't,because she crawled away and criss could not find her after to do it, but ofcourse its fake,2 midgets wer in that women or something

Who was the woman that Criss Angel pulled in half?

The woman was actually two people. The top half was an amputee and the bottom half was a contortionist. The amputee balanced on top of the contortionist to create the illusion that they were one person.

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