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Well, when people are asleep, their minds go into a state of REM (rapid eye movement), and they are not really "unconscious", their brains are always working. So in their sub-conscious, they still hear people. Unless you are a heavy sleeper.. It will be hard to awake from REM. But once I was asleep on my couch and my sister was throwing up in the bathroom, and I was asleep. She was yelling and yelling at me, and when I was dreaming, I heard her voice, and woke up. It was pretty weird..

But I'm glad I could help!

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Q: How do people hear when asleep?
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Why can a dog hear something you might not be able to hear?

they might hear you snoring when ur asleep. i dont think anyone can hear themsleves snore when they're asleep, tho :D

What happens is you fall asleep while a CD is playing?

You will not hear it.

Why can't you hear anything when you are sleeping?

You can hear things when you are sleeping. For instance if while you are asleep, someone makes a loud noise, this will wake you up. You must therefore have heard the noise while you were asleep.

Do you remember things better if you hear them while you are asleep?

i think so

How can you tell if a volcano is living or not?

You can tell by if you tell everyone to be quiet around you and it is awake then you can hear it. But, if it is sleeping you can't hear because it is asleep.

Why would you hear voices and or music right before falling asleep or just after waking?

In Silence..You hear the Sound of Silence. People who can hear voices or music is because they are very peaceful and their mind very still. You can hear the Sound of Silence if you meditate and still your mind. _____________ This may have nothing whatever to do with religion or the occult. Experiences like this can be quite natural, even if they appear to be similar to hallucinations. When they happen while falling asleep they are called 'hypnagogic', and when they happen while waking they are called 'hypnopompic'.

What does it mean when you hear someone calling your name while asleep?

It means that you are dreaming that you are hearing someone call your name ot that someone is trying to wake you. Because as you say in your question, YOU are asleep.

What percentage of people live if they fall asleep while driving?

About 80% of people who fall asleep behind the wheel die.

Why do you forget falling asleep the past night?

People aren't concious when they're asleep.

How do you finger someone while asleep?

there eyes will be red and they can't concentrate on their work they can,t even hear what other says

How do you make people fall asleep?


What are anti-insomnia drugs?

Anti-insomnia drugs are medicines that help people fall asleep or stay asleep.