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Maybe your subconcious is picking up on something that you arent. Maybe theyve been trying to get you to like them, and youre wondering what it would be like. Maybe youre just curious about what it would be to like someone different. Maybe you do like them and are in denial. Theres really no way to be sure about a dream translation, but you should probably try to involve that person in your life. (Without telling them about the dream. That would probably freak them out.)

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Q: What does it mean when a certain person appears in your dreams and in your dreams you have feelings for them but in real life you don't feel like you do?
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If you dream about the same person everyday can the be dreaming of you?

No. Having a certain person appear in your dream every day suggests that you are thinking and day-dreaming about that person. But it means nothing about that person's dreams, thoughts or feelings. Your dreams take place within your own mind, just as your thoughts and feelings take place inside you. Your dreams do not affect anyone else's dreams, and their dreams have no affect on yours.

Does the person you dream about feel anything about you?

No, your dreams only express your own thoughts and feelings. Your dreams provide no information about the thoughts or feelings of the person you see in your dreams.

What does it mean if you dream the cops were after you and the person you dont like was being nice to you?

The dream represents the feelings of the dreamer. This dreams appears to illustrate the dreamer's feelings about guilt about some behavior. That behavior might remind them of the disliked person.

When a boy is in your dream does that mean you are in love?

No, dreams do not determine whether or not one is in love. Dreams reflect the thoughts and feelings of the dreamer, so if a certain person is often in one's thoughts, it is natural to dream about that person. But dreams are no guarantee that one is in love.

What it mean if you keep dreaming about the same person?

dat u like the person Your dreams are about your own thoughts and feelings. It is entirely normal to dream about people whom you think about a lot. So if you have a crush on a certain person, it is not surprising if you dream about that person. These dreams reflect YOUR emotions; they do NOT reflect that person's thoughts or mean that she/he is thinking of you.

What does it mean when you suddenly dream about a person that you don't talk to any more but he's causing you problems?

Your dreams merely express your own exasperation with this particular person, assuming that he is causing you problems in reality, not just in dreams. The dreams reflect your feelings; they do not tell you anything about the other person or about his thoughts or feelings.

What does it mean when you dream of someone everyday since they left?

The dreams express your emotions about the person's absence. In one sense, the dreams represent an attempt by your subconscious mind to bring that person back into your life. The dreams express only your own feelings; they do not provide any information about the other person's thoughts or feelings.

Why does your crush pop in your dreams a lot?

If a person thinks constantly about a certain individual, it is not unusual for that individual to appear in the person's dreams.

Is a dream scientist a job?

Yes, a dream scientist is a job where a scientist studies dreams, and how a persons mind works, and feelings they often have. He/she can associate those feelings with the dreams the person haves.

Is it true that if a person thinks about you that you see him or her in your dreams?

No, this common superstition has no basis in truth. Dreams are about the thoughts and feelings of the dreamer, no one else.

Why do I keep on having dreams about crush?

Maybe Its Because You Still Have Feelings For That Person Your Dreaming About.

What does it mean when you have many dreams of some one?

These dreams only reflect the dreamer's own interest or emotions about the "someone." The dreams do NOT mean that the other person is thinking about the dreamer or reveal anything about that person's feelings or intentions.