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I think it is rich purple, but I'm not sure. Trying to figure it out for sure myself too.... :)

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Q: What is Sagittarius lucky colour?
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What is the lucky color for Sagittarius in the year 2010?

sagis dont need a colour! anything which makes us happy is lucky!

What is Sagittarius' number?

Sagittarius number is 4 known as lucky numbers. If you are Sagittarius, if you ever get 4, your LUCKY!

What is lucky color for saguittarius?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and responds well to purple. This colour is associated with intelligence, spirituality and wealth.

What is lucky color for Sagittarius for 2011?


What colour is the planet sagittarious?

Sagittarius is not a planet. It is a constellation.

Is Sagittarius the luckiest of all signs?

No, gemini is.. May is the lucky month of all

What is the personality characteristic for the Sagittarius?

Sagittarius people are frank, hilarious, smart, loveable, nice and caring people, independent, lucky, fearless, energetic, love freedom, hates rules, boastful, crude, tactless, and lastly OPTIMISTIC! I am a sagittarius.

What are the lucky colors of zodaic sign for Scorpio and Sagittarius?

Scorpio - Black, Blood red, Blue-green, Charcoal-grey. Sagittarius - Beige, Bronze, Denim blue, Purple, White.

What is the Lucky color of Gemini for 2009?

Lucky colour for Gemini- orange

What is the Taurus's lucky colour?


What is1988 lucky color?

1988 was the Year of the Dragon and the lucky colour was gold.

What is Selena gomez lucky colour?

selenas gomez lucky color is green