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Q: Can drinking cold water before a urine test cause it to be out of range?
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What is the cause of oil in your urine?

drinking it.

Will drinking caffeine cause diluted or concentrated urine?

Caffeine is a mild diuretic that can cause an increase in urine production. Therefore, drinking caffeine may result in more diluted urine.

Can urine drinking in dogs cause health problems?

yes...and that is gross

Why can drinking to many sodas cause urine to be bright yellow?

Because soda dehydrates you

What causes yellow urine you are drinking plenty of water and it doesn't smell and you don't hurt?

Some vitamins and some soft rinks can cause urine to be yellow. The B vitamins often cause urine to be very yellow.

What would cause a mans urine to start smelling really strong?

Not drinking enough water

What can cause you to get inconclusive results on a drug test?

Drinking too much water before a drug test can cause an inconclusive result. Any urinalysis will be skewed from too much water in the sample.

Will drinking lots of water help in dilute a urine test for suboxone?

can drinking alot of water 2-3 hours before drug screen give a clean urine for suboxone,,, the drug test checks for suboxone

What can cause your urine to be a yellowish orange color and burn a little?

having a urine infection (UTI) such as cystitis - easily remidied with a course of antibiotics and by drinking plenty of fluids.

Does drinking the urine of another person help you to lose weight?

Urine therapy is about drinking your ownfiltered urine. It is based on the "Law of Similars" (but without homeopathic dilution) therefore it is not about drinking the urine of another person. I have not yet heard of urine therapy being used in relation to weight loss.

Why does your urine turn bright green after drinking any mind of monster?

i have never herd this before you should get that checked out

What is the medical term meaning process of drinking urine?

Urodipsia is the medical term meaning process of drinking urine.