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No. If antbody does it is that they are not awesome.

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Sure people like it. I prefer the Walmart brand better.
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Yes mountain Dew is awesome! if you don't like then try a different soda like Sprite, Justin Bieber's favorite soda!!!!!

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Q: Do people like Mountain Dew
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Do people live in Mountain Dew?


Which is your soft drink Pick Between Mountain Dew or 7UP?

Mountain Dew, because why won't you like mountains.

Why isn't mountain dew made on a mountain?

mountain dew is not made on a mountain because it is an ordanary drink that can be made in an ordanary factory like the rest of the drinks in the world.

Do you like Mountain Dew?

Mountian dew is like drinking green Gatorade but better. That stuff is the chiz.

Which freezes faster Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew?

diet dew

Do people drink Mountain Dew in the mornings?

Yes. Mountain Dew is great for mornings in addition to its new morning drink called Kickstart.

Is Pepsi or mountain dew better?

Mountain dew

Who made Mountain Dew white out?

Fans of Mountain Dew

Is Mountain Dew the best pop?

could be. depends on what you like.

Does Mountain Dew rot your teeth and what does it look like?


Mountain dew affects at night?

Many people know that mountain dew is good. If you drink it at night you should be happy the next day with a good sleep.

What happens when you spike mountain dew?

it taste like mountain dew and whatever you put in it wtf kinda question is that what does jack Daniels and coke taste like... tastes like coke mixed with jack