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Q: What do sports drinks have to do with Homeostasis?
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What are some sports drinks?

Sport drinks are Gatorade and Powerade

What has more sugar sport drinks or soda?

sports drinks

Are sports drinks good for plants?

sports drinks are not good for plants actually they make plants die! hope this answer is true!

What sports drinks have electrolytes?

All of them

When were sports drinks invented?


Are sports drinks really bad for your health?

Drinks that give you a boost of energy are bad for you. These are usually infused with caffeine or sugar. Sports drinks, on the other hand, are helpful for athletes or individuals that work intensly for 90 min or more. Sports drinks are similar to soft drinks, so long time use is not good.

Should you drink sports drinks without activity?

You can drink sports drinks anytime you want! Just atleast be walking around , Or else you will get dizy .

What is the difference between sports drinks and water?

Water has its own sugars and completely healthy for you, as sports drinks contain lots of sugar and glucose, giving you more energy than water.

What sports drink do English premier league players drink?

Lucozade sports drinks

Are Sports foods and sports drinks good sources of high powered nutrition for athletes?

depends on the sports drink

What external factors result in the homeostasis response being activated while doing sports?

There are many external factors result in the homeostasis response being activated while doing sports. One is the added cooling of the skin.

What is the essential nutrients in sports drinks?

Vitamin C