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this question cant really be answered its not a full question really sorry

(begins to shrink and increases it s spin.)

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Q: A nebula begins the process of becoming a protostar when the nebula?
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What is it called when the nebula begins collapsing and turning into a small spinning cloud?


What is considered the center of the Orion nebula?

the protostar

What do nebulas form?

The nebula forms into a protostar.

What is most likely to be found in a nebula?

a protostar

Another name for the interstellar matter that will eventually form a star is?

protostar or nebula

What stage comes after nebula in the star stage?

Protostar Stage

What begins the process of solar system formation?

Gas and dust in a nebula is disturbed by an outside force

What begins the process the solar system formation?

Gas and dust in a nebula is disturbed by an outside force

What is the first stage of star creation?

A star's first life stage is called a protostar. The formation starts in a region of space with accumulated gas and dust, called a nebula. The attraction of gravity between the atoms of gas and grains of dust causes a small area of this nebula to collapse into a smaller, rotating cloud of dust and gas. More material is then drawn in, and the mass at its core increases and the temperature climbs. If the core gets hot enough, it will begin to glow. That is the protostar.

What is matter from nebula that has begun to condense under the weight of gravity to begin formation of star?


What causes interstellar dust and gas to start to contract and form a protostar?

A protostar forms when gravity pulls the dust and gases in a nebula together.

How does a protostar differ from a star?

It doesn't differ from a star, it is a star and it is the second stage in a stars life after the nebula stage.