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There are three things a river's power to erode depends on that includes the slope of the river. The other two things are the volume of flow and the shape of its stream bed.

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Velocity of the water and then the slope of the bed

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Q: A river's power to erode depends on?
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A rivers power to erode depends on what three things?

A river's power to erode depends on a river's slope, the volume of flow, and the shape of the river.

Turbulent river may have great power to erode?

Yes, turbulent rivers might have the greatest power to erode.

What does a rivers power to erode depend on?

A river's power to erode depends on the gradient, the volume and velocity, and the quantity of erosive burden. A river will normally move outwards on bends, deepening the farthest channel, and thus increasing the erosion on that bank.

The ability of running water to erode a surface depends on?

Power and Velocity.

How do streams and rivers change the landscape?

They erode the landscaping around them.

How do rivers shape landscapes?

They erode edges!!

Can rivers move mountains?

They can erode mountains.

Does a mountain erode?

Mountains erode continuously. Erosion may be by water (rain or rivers), ice (glaciers) or wind.

How can rivers cause more erosion than lakes?

because the rivers are more deep and wide so they can erode more

What bodies of water erode and move enormous amounts of soil and rock.?


Are rivers able to erode and deposit land?

Yes they are. Water can erode the river banks - and carry the loose soil to other places - where it's deposited.

How does turbulence affect the speed of a river and a rivers power to cause erosion?

Along with friction, turbulence slows down the waters flow and also may erode the stream bed