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A clastic sedimentary rock.

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Q: A sedimentary rock formed from pieces of other rocks is called?
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A rock that is formed from pieces of other rock or from the remains of living things is called a?

Sedimentary rock.

Is sedimentary rocks formed the same way normal rocks are?

No, because a sedimentary rock is formed from pieces of other rocks.

Rocks that are formed of pieces of other rocks plant and animal matter or dissolved minerals are called?

Sedimentary rock

Rocks that are formed of pieces of other rocks plant and animal matter or dissolved minerals collect to form rock layers are called?

they are called sedimentary rocks... yeah that worksheet made me mad... glenco stinks

What is it called When a rock is formed from fragments if other rocks?

The resulting sedimentary rock is classified as clastic.

What kind of rocks are formed when bits and pieces of other rocks are compacted?

Compaction and cementation of sediments are the processes of lithification which form clastic sedimentary rock.

What kind of rocks form when other pieces of rock and matter gather into layers?

a sedimentary rock is formed. depending on which rocks were squished, you can get different rocks

What are rocks that are formed from other rocks called?

This could either be a clastic sedimentary rock or a metamorphic rock.

What type of rock is formed from particles or dissolved minerals from previously existing rocks?

The rock described would be a clastic sedimentary rock.

Rock that formed from other weathered rock is?


What is it called when a rocks particles come of and make another rock from the particles?

Sedimentary rocks are formed from the fragments of other rocks

Are sedimentary rocks formed from fragments of other rocks chemical sedimentary rocks?

No. The rocks you describe are clastic or detrital sedimentary rocks.