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The feature you are describing is known as a cliff. Cliffs are formed by erosion or tectonic activity and are characterized by a steep vertical or near-vertical rock face. They can be found at the edge of plateaus, mountains, or along Coastlines.

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Q: A steep drop-off often from the edge of a plateau?
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What is escarpement?

An escarpment is an edge of a plateau usually a steep and jagged cliff.

A steep face at the edge of a plateau?

This is called a cliff, which is a vertical or near-vertical rock exposure. Cliffs often form at the edge of a plateau due to erosion or tectonic activity, creating dramatic and sometimes dangerous landscapes.

What is the difference between a crag and a cliff?

A crag is a rugged outcrop or a steep rock face on a mountain, often used for rock climbing. A cliff is a steep rock face or slope, typically found near a body of water or at the edge of a plateau. Cliffs are usually taller and more vertical than crags.

What types of caves are in the plateau?

Too vague a question. WHICH plateau? There are any number of plateaux around the world! If it's a limestone plateau then any caves in it will be karst caves - though there may also be mass-movement caves (a type of landslip feature) behind cliffs or very steep slopes forming the plateau edge.

Can you write a sentence using the word plateau?

The lowlands are usually visible from the edge of the plateau

Which subregion is Austin at the edge of?

Edwards Plateau

Waterfalls mark the edge of the Piedmont Plateau?

Appalachian Highlands

What are the disadvantages of plateau's?

You could fall of the edge

What is the steep side of the edge of the continent called?

It is called the Continental Shelf

What is the steep side of the edge of a contienet called?

The steep side of the edge of a continent is called a continental slope. This feature marks the transition between the continental shelf and the deep ocean floor.

How could people know whether they were on a plain or on a plateau without being told?

The landform plateau is by definition "elevated." If they could not see other land that was lower, they would have to walk to the edge of the plateau.

What is the steep almost vertical edge of mountain?

A very steep, high cliff is a precipice. This is the very edge of the cliff.