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A basaltic volcano with gently sloping sides is sometimes refrred to as a 'shield' volcano.

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Q: A volcanic mountain with gently sloping sides built almost entirely out of basalt lava flows is called a cinder cone.?
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True or false A volcanic mountain with gently sloping sides built almost entirely of lava flow is called a cinder core?


Is a volcanic mountain with gently sloping sides built almost entirely out of basalt lava flows called a cinder cone?

No. Such a structure is called a shield volcano.

Which type of volcano form a mountain gently sloping sides and is built almost entirely from thin lava?

A+ answer : shield volcano

Are there any mountain ranges in Norway?

The terrain of Norway is almost entirely mountains.

Do shield volcanoes have a steep sloping cone made up of rocks and lava?

No. Shield volcanoes have gentle slopes composed almost entirely of cooled lava flows.

Is a Mountain Gorilla a carnivore?

NO!!! They, like humans, are omnivores, with a bias towards herbivourism.

What warnings are there for people when there is a volcanic eruption?

cooled magma feel from the sky and almost killed a barberian and smoke was coming from the mountain

What does almost entirely mean?

almost entirely

What type of volcano is build almost entirely from ejected lava fragments?

The type of volcano that is built entirely of ejected lava fragments is a volcanic cone. Volcanic cones can be of varying types, and it depends upon the nature, and size of the fragments ejected during the eruption.

What material makes up a shield cone?

A shield volcano is usually comprised almost entirely of fluid magma flows. Cone volcanoes are the result of pyroclastic materials building up around a volcanic vent.

What is a shield volcano built out of?

Shield volcanoes are large volcanoes that are built almost entirely of fluid. Lava flows gently and continuously out of the central volcanic vent or group of vents.

What is a landlock?

surrounded entirely or almost entirely by land.