A windchill chart tells you

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The windchill index gives the equivalent temperature of the

cooling power of wind on exposed flesh.

how strong the wind is blowing

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Q: A windchill chart tells you
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How should you determine the windchill factor?

use the windchill chart.

What does a windchill chart tell you?

the danger of frostbite

What can occur at any point on the windchill chart?

Trench foot

What is the coldest wind chill provided on the wind chill chart?

go to this site to find the answer

What is the Fahrenheit temperature if the windchill temperature is -61 degrees Fahrenheit?

The Fahrenheit temp is what temperature it would be without any wind. So without knowing the wind speed at least there is no way to answer your question This link has a chart on it that shows the formula you need to get your answer

What was the average temperature in Toronto Ontario in December over the past ten years 2000 to 2010?

2000 = -12 degrees, -28 with windchill 2001 = -10 degrees, -24 with windchill 2002 = -10 degrees, -26 with windchill 2003 = -7 degrees, -18 with windchill 2004 = -11 degrees, -21 with windchill 2005 = -14 degrees, -31 with windchill 2006 = -10 degrees, -25 with windchill 2007 = -9 degrees, -18 with windchill 2008 = -10 degrees, -26 with windchill 2009 = -7 degrees, -16 with windchill I can't tell you 2010 because it isn't over yet; *2000 - 2010 is actually 11 years... *

When to feed your tamagotchi?

I think it has a chart where it tells you if its hungry, like where it tells you the information about it, it has to be there

Why is windchill information important?

The windchill is how cold it feels as opposed to the actual temperature. In general the windier it is the colder that it feels.

Boston coldest windchill ever recorded?

When I was in Boston on the New Year's eve,last day of 1996,the windchill was -40 in boston

Who made the pie chart?

Florence Nightingale Made the pie chart ,also if you watch Horrible Histories On cbbc It tells you that.

What is the windchill factor on Antarctica?

Windchill in Antarctica is the same phenomenon as windchill anywhere on earth: the ambient temperature plus the wind speed, determine the windchill temperature. Antarctica is the windiest continent on earth, it is also the coldest continent on earth. With ambient temperatures colder than minus 100 degrees F, and wind speeds up to almost 200 MPH, depending on where you are on the continent, the windchill temperature is cold, very cold or very, very cold. Windchill in Antarctica can be lethal.

The temperature the body feels is known as?