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Alluvial Terraces are also known as built terrace; drift terrace; fill terrace; stream-built terrace; wave-built platform; wave-built terrace.

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Q: Alluvial terraces are also known as?
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What is alluvial terraces?

An alluvial terrace is a terraced embankment of loose material near the sides of a river valley.

What are alluvial terraces?

Alluvial terraces or bars are areas of higher ground between rivers formed by erosion of old alluvium. They are formed in the upper Indus plain in chaj, rechna and Bari doabs.

Does interflauves and alluvial terraces mean the same?

yes they mean the same

What are the current landforms in Cebu?

Cebu consists of sedimentary hills and mountains. In some parts of Cebu island, limestone karst with sinkholes characterize the terrain. Cebu's broad alluvial plains are made of upper and lower river terraces. Coastal alluvial plains along the shore interchange with tidal flats or limestone terraces.

Which were terraces the aztek the Inca or the Maya?

The Incas were mostly known for building terraces on mountain slopes for agriculture.

A plain in luzon known as the rice granary of the Philippines?

rice terraces

Why were the Pink and White terraces known as a wonder of the world?

yes the seventh

Which soil is known for its self ploughing qualityand capacity to hold moisture?


A wide sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a mountain range is called an?

This is known as an Alluvial Fan. Please see related links.

What is a famous landmark in New Mexico?

valleys, lowlands, outwash plains, and alluvial fans and terraces

Why did the Inca build terraces?

The Inca lived in the mountains and invented terrace farming. They needed flatlands for farming and created this flat land by building steps of land known as terraces.

Why is banaue rice terraces not included in the new 7 wonders of the world?

Because there are also rice terraces in other asian countries thats better than Banaue. Check the 10 destination for rice terraces travel on this link: