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Very few environmental or social costs! All geothermal energy needs is:

  • A supply of water, most of which can be recycled,
  • A pumphouse, containing a pump and a turbine,
  • Two shafts drilled deep down to hot rocks below the earth, and
  • A connection to the electricity grid.
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The danger of an accident at a nuclear plant, and the problem of nuclear waste disposal.

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Q: Are there hidden environmental and social costs for geothermal energy?
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Are there hidden environmental and social costs of using geothermal energy?

No, there are very little hidden costs. geothermal energy is clean and non-polluting. It releases no carbon dioxide (CO2) to cause global warming. It has no social costs, as it is a renewable energy source. This makes it a very suitable substitute for fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), the burning of which in industry, transport and the generation of electricity is causing climate change.

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gipang-atay maning way polos nga site.

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