Are tornadoes real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes there real!!! tornadoes are a fierce wind storms coming down from the sky they are twisty some people call them Twisters because they twist so much you don't wanna see a tornadoes, they can kill you that is if you get sucked into one, then you'll most likely die. they are scary there is a scale of tornadoes here's the list:

F0:roofs mildly damaged tree limbs broken, some trees uprooted

F1:roofs severely damaged

F2:roofs torn from frame homes, trailer destroyed, cars are lifted and tossed

F3:houses loose roofs and many walls collapse,most trees uprooted

F4: houses leveled and left a a pile of debris, trees stripped of bark

F5:Homes blown clean off foundations.

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Q: Are tornadoes real
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Can scientists create tornadoes?

Not real tornado. Scientists have produces small vortices in labs that resemble tornadoes, and have simulated tornadoes in supercomputers, but they cannot create real tornadoes.

Are f15 tornadoes real?

No. The Fujita scale only rates tornadoes up to F5.

Is a solar tornado real?

There are vortices on the sun that resemble tornadoes and have been referred to as tornadoes, yes. However, they are not true tornadoes and they operate by entirely different mechanisms.

Can Invader zim's town get tornadoes if it was real?

Most likely it could. Tornadoes can occur almost anywhere in the world.

What animal that predict the tornadoes?

There is not real scientific evidence that animals predict tornadoes. Tornadoes come with thunderstorms, and some animals, such as dogs, may hear the thunder before we do, but it is unlikely that they can actually predict tornadoes.

Who are the people who study tornadoes prevention?

Meteorologists (weather scientists) study tornadoes and how to predict them, but there are no real efforts to try to prevent them. That is impossible.

Do tornadoes have real eyes?

Many tornadoes have a structure similar to the eye of a hurricane, but the only true eyes are in tropical cyclones. In Tornadoes and other storms it is called a weak echo region.

Is there more research happening to be able to prevent tornadoes?

There is no real research being done to that end. It is generally acknowledged by scientists that tornadoes cannot be stopped.

Are fire tornadoes real?

Sort of but, they are called fire whirls but technically aren't tornadoes. They form in a way more like dust devils than real tornadoes.

How many tornadoes happen in the whole world a year?

That is not known. There are about 1600 tornadoes recorded worldwide on average. However, the real number is almost certainly much higher as many countries do not keep records of their tornadoes.

What is the name of the most famous tornado in Washington state?

Tornadoes do not have names, hurricanes do. No tornadoes in Washington appear to have been bad enough to have any real claim to fame.

Do mini tornadoes happen where big ones happen?

That depends on what you mean by "mini tornado" as it has no real definition. If you mean small, weak tornadoes, then yes. Even in areas prone to large tornadoes, the smaller ones will still be in the majority. However, weak tornadoes are rarely heavily covered unless they strike in places not not normally associated with tornadoes.