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Most scientists and scientific organizations round the world agree that global warming is happening. A few scientists disagree.

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Q: Are you for or against global warming?
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What does 'Against man-made Global Warming' mean?

If you were asked to speak in a debate, "Against man-made Global Warming" you would be arguing that man is not causing Global Warming. You would have to argue that Global Warming is occurring naturally.

Who is against global warming?

Yes, many people are against global warming, but there is always the odd one that is all for I say we hunt them down and ask what is so good about global warming its going to kill us eventually :( Im very sad and hate global warming but if we stay clean and tidy and don't litter we should slow it down a couple of years

Which country protested against global warming under the sea?


How long are you going to last against global warming?

1 day...

Is there anyone against global warming?

If you mean that global warming is a fact, yes there are plenty of people that don't believe it. A recent poll conducted in the U.S.,said that only 41 per cent of the responders believed in global warming.

Is it 'global warming' or 'global warning'?

Global Warming.

Which of the following global issues dose the 1997 Kyoto protocol address?

global warming!!!!!!

What are some arguments against the fact that global warming is a worldwide crisis?

There are none.

Why does global warming decrease temperatures?

True global warming does not decrease temperatures. So, either the model for global warming's effects is hokus-pokus, or global warming as presently claimed, does not exist. Some global warming followers will have you believe that global warming makes the weather "act crazy". If true, then it is not really global warming, is it.

Global warming in Malayalam language?

global warming

Is global warming a pollution?

Global warming in itself isn't pollution - global warming is the gradual warming of the earth. However, global warming was caused by carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, but global warming in itself isn't a pollution. yes it is a pollution

What are misconceptions about global warming?

Global warming is not important.Global warming isn't happening.Global warming is happening but it's not our fault.Global warming is happening but we can't do anything about it.Scientists are not sure about global warming.