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the temp stays the same

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Q: As altitude increases from the tropopause to the mesopause the atmospheric temperature will?
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What do the stratopause tropopause and the mesopause all have in common?

The stratopause, tropopause, and mesopause are all interfaces between two layers of the atmosphere.

What separates the layered gases in the atmosphere by their what?

Tropopause, stratopause, and mesopause separates the parts of the atmosphere. Tropopause separates troposphere and stratosphere.

What is the approximate temperature of the mesopause?


What is the temperature of the mesopause in degrees Celsius?

the mesopause is the boundary between the thermospere and the mesospere

What is the layer of the atmosphere directly above the troposphere?

stratosphereThe atmospheric layer above the troposphere is the stratosphere. It extends to about 30-35 miles above the earth's surface, and is the most stable layer.

What are the sub-layers of the the atmosphere?

From the top down: exosphere Lonosphere * Thermosphere Mesopause * Mesosphere Stratopause * Stratosphere Tropopause * Troposphere (the ones with stars next to them are sub-layers)

What is the approximate height and tempertaure of the tropause?

Tropopause: 10km Stratopause: 10km - 50km Mesopause: 50km - 85km your welcome(: hope this helps.

Where is the mesopause located?

Mesopause is located between the mesosphere and the thermosphere atmospheric regions. It actually consists of two minima, at two different altitudes, the first being at 52 miles, and the second, at 62 miles above sea level.

What gases are in the mesopause?

The mesopause contain carbon dioxide.

What is the boundary between mesosphere and thermosphere?


Does the temperature increase with altitude in the mesosphere?

it decreses as you go up. At the stratopause the temp is +4C, and at mesopause it is - 90C.

layers of the at?

The atmosphere can be divided into five layers based on temperature variations. The layer closest to the Earth is called the troposphere. Above this layer is the stratosphere, followed by the mesosphere, then the thermosphere. The upper boundaries between these layers are known as the tropopause, the stratopause, and the mesopause, respectively. Temperature variations in the four layers are due to the way solar energy is absorbed as it moves downward through the atmosphere. The Earth’s surface is the primary absorber of solar energy. Some of this energy is reradiated by the Earth as heat, which warms the overlying troposphere. The global average temperature in the troposphere rapidly decreases with altitude until the tropopause, the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere.