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where boundaries are often found at ocean ridges.

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Q: Boundaries are often found at ocean ridges.?
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What surface features are most often found at boundaries such as those between the south American and African plates?

Mid-ocean ridges

Ridges tectonic plate boundaries and hydrothermal vents are physical features found on your planet Where are these features found most often?

at the bottom of the sea near the mid ocean ridge

What provides the most evidence for the theory of plate tectonics?

Faults and volcanoes are often found at tectonic plates boundaries

Where are many volcano found?

They are often found at tectonic plate boundaries.

What tectonic plate is primarily comprised of seafloor crust?

Divergent plate boundaries are often found on the ocean floorâ??s crust. These are the type of tectonic plates that produce volcanoes and rifts.

Where two tectonic plates meet?

two tectonic plates meet usually at mid ocean ridges (eg Iceland) and at destructive plate boundaries (eg Japan).

Where are crystals often found?

bottom of the ocean

Where are benthos often found?

Bottom of the ocean

What are plate boundary settings?

There are three main plate boundaries, convergent plate boundaries,divergent plate boundaries and transform fault boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries are when the plates collide together, this often causes mountain building. Divergent plate boundaries are when plates are moving apart, this is what caused the Mid Atlantic Ridges. Transform Fault Boundaries is when they move past each other horizontally, this boundary dosent cause any new landforms.

Is a reverse fault often located along a divergent plate boundary or convergent?

A reverse fault is often found at convergent plate boundaries.

What plate boundary is a composite volcano on?

Composite volcanoes most often are found near subduction zones. They can be found at either oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundaries, oceanic-continental plate boundaries, or continental-continental plate boundaries. They are especially prevalent in the Pacific Ring of Fire. A few composite volcanoes, however, have been found at divergent boundaries and away from plate boundaries at hot spots.

Is rhyolite formed at convergent plate boundaries?

That is most often where it occurs, but it can also be found at continental hot spots.