Can hydrogen support combustion

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Hydrogen is a fuel for combustion, but cannot support it in the manner than oxygen can.

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Q: Can hydrogen support combustion
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Does hydrogen support combustion?

Yes, hydrogen burns.

Does hydrogen gas support combustion?


Hydrogen burns but not support combustion?


Are there gases which support combustion and are also supporters of combustion?

Yes there are. These gases are hydrogen,methane,ethane,propane,butane,pentane. Hope this helped! ;)

How is it possible then for water which is composed of hydrogen and to put out fires?

The bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen is too strong to be destroyed by combustion. Add: The chemical properties of water are different from the properties of hydrogen and water separately. Therefore, water does not support combustion as oxygen does, and water does not explode as hydrogen does.

How is water different from the elements which made them?

Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are gases at room temperature. Oxygen supports combustion and hydrogen is very combustible. Water is a liquid at room temperature and is not combustible and does not support combustion.

Can a combustion reaction produce hydrogen?

No. If anything, a combustion reaction will consume hydrogen.

Can you ignite Neptune?

No, you can't ignite Neptune. While much of Neptune's atmosphere is hydrogen, there is no oxygen there to support combustion.

Compare and contrast the relationships of oxygen and water to fire?

- Oxygen support combustion; combustion is a reaction with oxygen, an oxydation.- Hydrogen is burned with oxygen.- Water can turn off some fires.

How do motors on hydrogen cars differ from combustion or hybrid engines?

Like a gas combustion engine, a hydrogen engine relies on the combustion process - in this case, combustion that results when hydrogen is combined with oxygen. Fuel cells in a hydrogen-powered car then convert this mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Does carbon dioxide support the combustion of fuels such as wood?

It does not support combustion...

Hydrogen in internal-combustion engine?