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An igneous rock can be metamorphosed (changed) into a metamorphic rock but will no longer be an igneous rock. An igneous body can be intruded into metamorphic rocks but will still be an igneous rock that is different from the surrounding metamorphic rocks. Ethier answer work depending on how the question is read.

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Igneous rocks can change into metamorphic or sedimentary rock over time.

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Igneous rocks, as well as sedimentary rocks can undergo a change to metamorphic rocks under conditions of heat and/or pressure.

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Q: Can igneous rock be formed into a metamorphic rock?
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Are metamorphic rock only made out of from igneous?

No, metamorphic can be formed by either igneous or sedimetary rock.

What type of rocks are metamorphic rocks formed from?

Any rock can become a metamorphic rock. To become a metamorphic rock the rock must undergo heat and/or pressure, but not so much that the rock melts. Should the rock melt it would become an igneous rock.

Is a slate a igneous rock?

No, slate is a metamorphic rock that is formed by shale

Who is correct a metamorphic rock is formed from a sedimentary rock or a metamorphic rock can form from an igneous rock?

both are correct metamorphic rock can form from both.

How does metamorphic rock formation compare to igneous rock formation?

Igneous rocks are formed in and around volcanos, metamorphic rocks are formed by the partial melting of rocks deep underground.

What rock can only be formed from sedimenta rock or igneous rock?

Metamorphic rocks. With proper heat and pressure sedimentary and igneous rocks can form metamorphic rocks.

How does metamorphic form?

Metamorphic rock is formed by heat and pressure making changes to igneous and sedimentary rock.

What is basalt sedimentary ignous or metamorphic?

actually, it truly depends on the type of rock the metamorphic rock formed from. in other words, if it formed from a rock that held basalt in it, the rock has basalt in it. remember that a metamorphic rock can be formed by more than two different types of rock (such as metamorphic quartz, slate, "fool's gold", plus granite). it does not matter which class the metamorphic rock formed from (but if a m. rock such as m. quartz, there is more likely a chance of finding a trace of basalt), as long as it formed from two different class of rock (this does not always apply, for there can be a metamorphic rock made from two or more metamorphic rocks). i would get into geodes...... but that's another answer. :)

What type is rock is formed if rock undergoing a metamorphic change melts?


How Metamorphic rock form?

Metamorphic rock is formed by heat and pressure making changes to igneous and sedimentary rock.

What are the three types of rock and their formation?

there are 4 bill bob and jerry and the one in abi's head she likes to call a brain Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.

What is metamorphic rock forms from?

Metamorphic rock is formed when Igneous rock and Sedimentary rock go through intense heat and pressure.