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No, global warming is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for thousands of years and even if humans were to reduce their production of greenhouse gases, there would be no significant change in the historical warming trend. Since the suggestion of climate being changed by man has been largely discredited by scientists, the true global problem of our dwindling energy resources has arisen as the true and scientifically verifiable concern. After Climategate and the revelation that the climate models used by proponents of man-made global warming are inaccurate and overly pessimistic, we now have a more rational understanding of the effects and extent of climate change (see scientific papers such as "Enhanced Turbulence and Energy Dissipation at Ocean Fronts" by D'Asaro et al in the peer reviewed journal Science, which describe how warming was overestimated ignoring the urban heating effects on sensor distribution). Environmentalism has taken a serious blow in credibility, but since we now have better data available, the good news is that the Earth is in far better shape that a few were proposing and people need not live in fear. Still, we should be mindful of our local environment and protect what resources we have from pollution.

For further reading on how climate change is natural, the following sources are helpful:

Temperature changes occur 1000 years before changes in CO2

1) Stott, L., Timmermann, A., Thunnell, R., 2007, Southern Hemisphere and Deep-Sea Warming Led Deglacial Atmospheric CO2 Rise and Tropical Warming. Science, v. 318 no. 5849 p. 435-438.

2) Mudelsee, M., 2001, The phase relations among atmospheric CO2 content, temperature and global ice volume over the past 420 ka. Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 20 p. 583-589

no but we can reduce global warming by just planting trees

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Q: Can you completely stop global warming?
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