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Yes. As long as the pressure is below atmospheric pressure.

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Q: Can you have water vapor at -10 degrees Celsius?
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Can you compare vapor pressure of water at ten degrees Celsius with its vapor pressure at fifty degrees Celsius?

Yes, the vapour pressure of water at 10°C is 1.2 kPa and at 50°C is 12.3 kPa.

At which temperature could water vapor in the atmosphere change directly into solid ice crystals?

10 degrees Celsius

What degrees water does a hammerhead shark live in?

the water temperature ranges from 10 degrees celsius to 99 degrees celsius

What is the state of liquid at 10 degrees Celsius?

If the liquid is water then it is 10 degrees above freezing point which is 0 degrees Celsius

What degree in celsius is 10 degrees below the freezing point of water?

In Celsius degrees, 10° below the freezing point of water is -10° .

Where is it 10 degrees Celsius?

10 degrees Celsius is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the difference between 0 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius?

The difference is 10 Celsius degrees.

Would a rock sink more quickly in 10 degrees Celsius water or minus 5 degrees Celsius water?

Trick question: At minus 5 degrees Celsius, water is a solid. A rock would sit on top of it.

What would the temperature be if you mixed a cup of hot water that is 50 degrees Celsius to a cup of cold water that is 10 degrees Celsius?

30 degrees, C. 10+50=60 60/2 = 30

What is the freezing point of seltzer water?

About -10 degrees celsius or 14 degrees fahrenheit.

What is 10 degrees fahrengheit in Celsius?

10 degrees Fahrenheit = -12.2 degrees Celsius

What is - 10 degrees Celsius in fahrenhaut?

(-10) degrees Celsius = 14 degrees Fahrenheit