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a big lump of mess

i dont think so

copper sulphate +sodium hydroxide = Na2So4 +Cu(OH)2


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Q: Copper sulphate plus sodium hydroxide
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Is copper sulphate a reactant or a product in the following equation copper sulphate plus sodium hydroxide equals copper hydroxide plus sodium sulphate?

Copper sulfate is a reactant in the equation as stated, because it is present before the reaction has occurred and no longer present afterward.

What results from copper II nitrate reacting with sodium hydroxide?

Solutions of copper (II) compounds will undergo precipitation reactions with sodium hydroxide solution when mixed together to produce a bright blue precipitate of copper (II) hydroxide and a solution of a sodium salt.The chemical equations for the reaction between Copper (II) nitrate and Sodium hydroxide are as follows:Cu(NO3)2 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) → Cu(OH)2 (s) + 2NaNO3 (aq)Copper II nitrate + sodium hydroxide → copper II hydroxide + sodium nitrate

What are the products of iron II sulfate plus sodium hydroxide?

Iron Sulphate + Sodium Hydroxide -> Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4) and Iron Hydroxide (Fe(OH)2)

Sulphuric acid plus sodium hydroxide?

It is Sodium Sulphate :) Hope I helped

Magnesium sulphate plus sodium carbonate equals?

Magnesium carbonate and sodium sulphate.

Copper sulphate plus copper is what reaction?

No reaction

What is the word equation for BaCl2 Na2SO4?

barium chloride plus sodium sulphate yields barium sulphate plus sodium chloride

What is the ending of this word equation iron chloride plus sodium hydroxide ...?

= iron hydroxide plus sodium chloride

What is the the word equation for hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide plus hydrochloric acid equals sodium chloride plus water.

What compound has 2 sodium plus 1 sulfur plus 4 oxygen?

Sodium sulphate.

What kind of reaction is represented here h2so4 plus 2naoh yields na2so4 plus 2hoh?

That is an acid/base neutralization reaction. The sulphuric acid has been neutralized by the sodium hydroxide, forming 2 water molecules and sodium sulphate.

Iron plus copper sulphate equals iron sulphate plus copper - what change would you see on the surface of the nail?

The copper will appear on the surface of the nail, so it will be different in colour-it'll be like copper.